we have a wide range of services

From configuring and programming devices, studies and desings, or support in emergency situations, our specialist are available to help you.

Backups and migrations

Security backups for PLCs and migrations to upgrade obsolet devices.

power quality measurement

We help you check the comsuption and quality of the electrical instalations to comply with current regulations.

Instrument configuration

Selection, instalation and parameterization of instrumens for all process variables and aplications.

vFD programming

Installation, maintenance and programming of Variable Frequency Drives.

PLC & SCADA programming

We are trained and certified in the management of the programming tools of the main Automation brands in the Industry.


We have the experience and technical knowledge of current standards for the design of electrical installations, instrumentation and control systems, electrical substations, CCM.

There are already hundreds of clients SATISFIED WITH OUR SERVICES.

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